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Our full-cycle vehicle maintenance services ensure that your car has a perfect
interior and exterior with a one-of-a-kind experience on the roads.

  • Exterior Cleaning

    Everyone loves driving a clean and polished vehicle. Drive anywhere you like, let it get as dirty as it can, and leave the cleaning duty on us. We will make it look new again.

  • headlight restoration

    Don’t compromise on the quality of headlights. We restore vehicle headlights to their original quality so that you can drive smoothly during the night as well.

  • Paint Correction

    Here at Gray’s we can correct any scratches and swirls that are NOT all the way through the paint. Contact us to get a free quote on paint correction!

  • Interior Cleaning

    The real exquisiteness of a car is felt best from inside. The pleasant odor, comfortable seats, and clean interior bring in the real cozy feeling. That’s what we achieve for you.

  • Salt Removal

    Road salt can leave white stains and rust your vehicle. We make sure your car looks perfectly new by removing all stains and residues and giving it a fresh look.

  • Ceramic Coating

    We are a certified Ceramic pro applicator business. We offer ceramic coating packages starting at just $250!! We can even coat boats and RV’s. Contact us for a free quote on Ceramic coatings.

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