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Minor scratches or car wash swirls on your vehicle can be an eyesore. UV Rays and oxidation can also lead to the faded or gray paint finish on new or old vehicles. Gray’s
Auto Repair eliminates minor scratches, hazing, swirl marks, and clear coat flaws by using our professional equipment. We also remove oxidation from vehicle paint, restore the
shine, bring an improved look and higher resale value.

Paint Correction Services

  • By eliminating minor scratches, swirl marks, and hazing, we clear coat flaws and restore your vehicle's shine.
  • We remove oxidation from vehicle paint, bring an improved look that adds higher resale value to it.
  • We provide car polishing designed to bond to your vehicle's restored paint, creating a barrier of protection that lasts for years
  • We also offer a ceramic coating that makes the coating of your paint much more durable. It creates a sacrificial layer that absorbs damage and protects the paint underneath.

Why Choose Us

  • Full-cycle vehicle maintenance services that enable a scratch-free interior and exterior.
  • Trained and experienced staff with years of experience that offer top-class maintenance services.
  • Budget-friendly services so that you don’t have to delay your regular repair and maintenance cycles.
  • Focus on detailing and perfection to ensure that your vehicle looks as good as new.

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